5 Reasons Travel is so Important


One of the most beautiful things about traveling is how it brings people together from different backgrounds, perspectives, cultures, and languages. Meeting new people is such an exciting part of adventuring to a new place. You’d be surprised how easy it is to connect with other people, even people you just met. That’s one of the reasons why solo traveling, is not as lonely as it sounds. The emotions, and shared experiences with new friends can make any place that much more enjoyable and memorable. And even after you part ways, those connections become a community of like-minded individuals from all over the place.

Cocora Valley, Salento, Colombia


Whether your motorbike won’t start in the middle of nowhere, or you are trying to communicate in a foreign language, or maybe you are just trying to figure out the bus schedule, every trip has its own set of challenges. No matter how much you plan a trip, there will always be unforeseen hiccups and problems to solve. These hiccups challenge you in ways that your day-to-day life at home does not. Every place I go teaches me something new!

Scared Valley, Peru


Traveling can be intimidating, especially when you think about leaving your comfort zone and being in a new environment full of the unknown. At times, it has made me feel exposed and vulnerable, but it is during these emotions that I have learned so much about what I am capable of. Along the way, I have found courage, strength, confidence, and independence. It has taught me that I can rely on myself and that fear and anxiety don’t have to stop me from living my life to the fullest.

Huacachina, Peru


Self-growth and self-acceptance go hand-in-hand. As you grow and become more confident and self-reliant, you will begin to realize that your natural self is beautiful and worthy of love. As someone who has struggled with self-confidence and self-doubt my whole life, traveling is how I let go of those negative thoughts and emotions. Not only can it show you what you are capable of, it can also give you the confidence to love yourself. When I am lost in an adventure, the outside world and all its vanity seems to melt away.

Tayrona National Park, Colombia

Expanded world view.

Traveling unmasks new cultures, traditions, and perspectives that you most likely wouldn’t encounter if you stayed in your hometown. It opens your eyes to how people live in other parts of the world, how they think, and what they value. All of this broadens your view of the world and how you interact and connect with it. The community you build, the challenges you face and the accumulation of growth and acceptance along the way will only add to the way you approach your life and the world around you.

Comuna 13, Medellín, Colombia

“So much of who we are, is where we have been.”

William Langewiesche


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