If I Didn’t Travel, I Would Have Never Slept…

If I didn’t travel, I would never have slept…

…in a farm house in the French countryside.

Southern countryside of France near Louvigny

…in a tent on a white sand beach.

Jervis Bay, Australia

…in a hammock overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Tayrona National Park, Colombia.

…in a Walmart yurt in the forest.

Middle of Oregon, USA

…in a desert oasis.

Dunas de Huacachina, Ica, Peru

…in a campervan on the coast of Australia.

Wicked Campers on the East Coast of Australia

…under the Perseids meteor shower.

Eastern Sierras, California, USA

…in a bunk bed in a room full of strangers.

A hostel in Berlin, Germany

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