Moments: Steep Ravine Trail; Stinson Beach, California

Saturday, January 9th, 2021

My hiking boots make shallow prints in the narrow, muddy trail. Right. Left. Right. Left. The cool breeze raises goose bumps on my exposed arms. As long as I keep moving, the cool air doesn’t quite settle in and make me shiver. Right. Left. Right. Left. My breath comes heavy against the cloth mask covering half my face; it smells of laundry detergent and sweat. Every so often, we duck under a giant fallen tree or cross a moss-covered bridge. Right. Left. Right. Left. As I try to look up at the massive redwoods, my foot catches on an exposed root and sends me teetering. The awe of the surrounding forest is worth the risk of tripping and moments later, I am once again staring up at the trees instead of my feet. Right. Left. *stumble* Right. Left.

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